I’m a professional musician, entrepreneur, traveler, adventure enthusiast and photographer. I’m always trying to find ways to explore new places, experience different cultures and find my way home after all the mishaps that seem to happen along the way. Before the age of 8 I had lived in England and the Philippines and traveled to Hong Kong, Wales, Spain, Scotland, and Morocco. Within the past few years I’ve dog sledded on a glacier in Alaska, encountered a dead monkey in west Texas, had the misfortune of having my stuff stolen in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, evaded a “cougar” outside the Smokey Mountains, was nursed back to health by a bathroom floor in Argentina, followed by a tango between my car and a tree which was disastrous.

Check out my fashion photography site www.steveslefteye.com.

Desolation Wilderness | Lake Tahoe, CA | USA