Missy & Steve Show

Missy Gibson and Steve Williams first crossed paths on Instagram via a mutual passion for the outdoors and the referral of a mutual friend.  Steve was out snorkeling off the coast of San Diego, CA when a friend suggested he follow Missy on Instagram because of their similar interests, sense of adventure, travel, and photography.  After connecting on Instagram and commenting back and forth on each others' photos they decided to meet and immediately realized the potential that was available through each of their connections and interest in travel.


Steve Williams is a professional musician, photographer, business development consultant, and travel enthusiast.  Being born in San Diego, CA and raised around the globe in Europe, Asia and both coasts of the United States, has given him a great appreciation for the cultures of the world and the history from which they've developed.  Over the past few years he's dog sledded on a glacier in Alaska, encountered a dead monkey in west Texas, had the misfortune of having his stuff stolen in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, evaded a “cougar” outside the Smokey Mountains, was nursed back to health by a cold tile floor in Argentina, and survived a high speed collision with a tree.